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    Sun Cove Realty, Inc. has been in business since since 1977 and seeks to provide Excellence in Property Management Services and locate Rental Properties for qualified Tenants seeking rental housing. Sun Cove Realty, Inc. strives to provide Excellent Service to all clients and customers by offering superb leasing services combined with careful property management services.

  • Testimonials

    Here are just a few of the things our clients and partners are saying about us.

    Sun Cove has managed out properties including sale and rental services for 15 years or more. I have been totally pleased with the efficiency and dependability that they have shown. I would recommend their services to anyone who needs that kind of help.

    James M, owner
    Rockford, IL

    I have used Sun Cove to rent my property for about 5 years. I am extremely pleased with the customer service, quality of tenants, speed to which they handle things, how well they work with me as an owner in getting the best for me and my tenants. I would recommend them highly to either a tenant or owner.

    Debbie C, owner
    Tampa, FL

    I'm already renting from Sun cove for the last year and has been a wonderful experience so good I'm moving into another sun cove home. Thank you Marvin

    Susan M, tenant
    Ta, FL

    Sun Cove found us the perfect home in the exact neighborhood we were looking for. The home was only about five years old, four-bedroom, three full baths with a fenced back yard as we have four dogs. The rent was actually about $100 under what we had budgeted for. The leasing company has been wonderful. If we have any kind of problem, referigerator not working properly, air-condition problems, we call or e-mail them, and within a day, they have it taken care of. This is our first rental experience, and we have been so impressed with the service and cooperation all around.

    BlessedMamma M, tenant
    Tampa, FL

    While visiting Florida in October we needed to find a home to rent and through our agent, we were directed to Sun Cove Realty. Although it took a while to get the application processed which I'm sure is pretty normal, we found the service to be very good. They took the time to explain the entire procedure once we arrived there to give them our deposit. In particular was Dawn who was extremely helpful throughout the entire time, she was very knowledgeable, followed up on our calls and/or messages via email and nothing was left out. We appreciate it and will most certainly refer them to anyone....KUDOS!

    Elba C, tenant
    Chicago, IL

    Relocating from another state is stressful alone, but Sun Cove Reality made it soooo easy for us. We found a house online and was given a phone number to the showing agent, Marvin. Marvin was very helpful and knowledgeable of the area!!!! After viewing the house, we decided that we liked the house we did the easy online application and we found out the following day that we were approved. We completed all the required paperwork via email and I mailed all the required payments and we were good to go! Once we arrived in Florida, we didn't have anything to worry about. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone searching for rental properties

    Nicky L, tenant
    Baker, LA

    Sun Cove Realty made finding a rental home fast and easy. They were prompt with returning e-mails and phone calls. Great staff, very friendly and courteous. Great experience so far!

    Malinda B, tenant
    Tampa, FL

    I used Sun Cove Realty almost a month ago to rent a house. The house I was currently living in was up for sale and sold and we had to move, THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS. Im sure you all can only imagine how stressful this was on our family. I must say Sun Cove made the process very easy. They were very helpful, and almost always answered the phone calls. If they didn't answer we almost always got an immediate call back. I read the reviews (after I put in the application) and I was SICK! I was so worried, and had gotten myself all worked up for nothing. It was such a smooth and easy process. Lynette and Jane were amazing through the process. Friendly and helpful. On the down side, the house was a bit dirty. We had to do some SERIOUS cleaning in the bathroom and closets, but im not sure Sun Cove is to blame for that since there is a different management company.... Either way, I can deal with a little cleaning... Seems like the main concerns with this is people putting in applications to houses that are already rented. Im not sure if the communication between the office and realtors is as prompt as it should be. Either way, easy way to solve this is to call the sun cove office and ask if the property is still available and if anyone has put in applications on it recently. That will save you money and worries. I give Sun Cove a 5. Sorry to all of the other people who have had a negative experience, but don't let it run you off. Im in my house and love it!

    stewie Z, tenant
    Tampa, FL

    Sun Cove Realty, Inc. found me a very nice and reliable tenant for my home in Tampa, in just a few weeks. The process was fairly easy and quick. The Real Estate Agent, Toby was efficient and very pleasant to work with. The Management Team has answered my questions in a timely manner. I would recommend them to other homeowners and tenants

    Deli T, tenant
    Tampa, FL

    Rented with Suncove 9 months ago. The whole process was quick and very direct. The office was great and answered all our questions. We looked at the property twice and the agent was on the ball both times. We will use and recomened Suncove again, great group of people

    Danielle L, tenant
    Tampa, FL

    While hunting for a house to rent we came across a property managed by Sun Cove Realty via Zillow and Trulia. We contacted Sun Cove and Marvin was assigned to show us the property. Still looking for locations before meeting with him, we found another property we were interested in as well and conveniently enough, it was through Sun Cove too! We contacted Marvin and asked him if we could see both properties that day and he was able to oblige. After seeing the first house, Marvin informed us there was another property in that neighborhood going up for rent the following day and he took us by that one as well. Then we went to the house we are now renting. Marvin warned us we would love it, and he was right! He then explained the rental process to us with hints and tips ;-) My mother has also asked for Sun Cove's contact information, knowing she must move in the spring, she wishes to use them as well!

    Michele W, tenant
    Tampa, FL

    Sun Cove has been awesome to work with, they responded to a request to show the houses we viewed today in a very prompt and professional manner. I would definitely recommend them.

    Dexter W, tenant
    Tampa, FL

    Fish hawk Marvinthank you very much for showing us the townhouse we love it you have great information and I think its for us thank you

    Caleb H, tenant
    Valrico, FL

    Cape cod I love the house it's just what we need Marvin was very professional on time and agreed to show me the house at a very short notice because I'm from out of town thank you very much looking forward to running from you folks.

    Mary S, tenant
    Baton Rouge, LA

    2308 Selkirk thank you very much for showing assist beautiful home we will apply online thank you for being very knowledgeable and understanding Thank You Marvin

    Stephanie S, tenant
    Valrico, FL

    We have worked with Sun Cove as landlords for the last 9 years. Jennifer, Melissa, and Jan are an excellent team. As owners of one home that is a considerable distance from where we live, we have had very little to worry about when it comes to taking care of our rental home in Florida. They find renters quickly, they get repairs to the home done quickly, and they provide detailed expense reports at the end of the year. I have worked with other management companies and they were extremely dysfunctional. Sun Cove is the real deal.

    Jay W, owner
    Hampstead, NC

    Went to view 2 houses today with Agent Toby & Tanya. Both were very pleasant and professional and were able to answer all of our questions.

    Brooke W, tenant
    Tampa, FL

    Sun Cove Realty made it very easy to communicate with, viewing the home, and completing the transaction. Each agent was very professional and easy to work with.

    Gordan H, tenant
    Tampa, FL

    We rented our house almost a year ago, We love our house. They got us in our house very fast. We are looking for a new house now and we are using them again. Thanks, Nichole

    Nichole S, tenant
    Tampa, FL

    I've been using Sun Cove to manage my rental property for about 5 years now and haven't had an issue. I personally prefer to communicate via email, and Jan Ayers usually responds that same day to answer my questions on the tenant, or property. I haven't had an issue so far with Sun Cove and hope to continue using them to manage my property.

    Anderson S, owner
    Tampa, FL

    Found a nice house for me in my area and helped me get it quickly with very little hassle . All maintenance issues have been handled very quickly and I would use them again if I ever move.

    Barry A, tenant
    Tampa, FL

    Realtors were courteous and on time

    Jania Y, tenant
    Tamp, FL

    4106 99th Thank you for showing us the house on short notice we were only in town for one more day. Mr. Stone was very nice and knowledgeable gave us great information.

    Chanel L, tenant
    Tampa, FL

    13243 Prestwick very nice a little small but doable, I'll talk it over with my husband, Mr Stone did a excellent job presenting it very knowledgeable.

    Dalia P, tenant
    Tampa, FL

    Marvin was great! Thank you for showing the property in such short notice we loved it.

    Lori N, tenant
    Tampa, FL

    19750 Hiawatha thank you for showing us this house it looks great and it will be great for our family. Thank you Mr. Stone.

    Tracey B, tenant
    Tampa, FL

    11418 village brook thank you so much for coming out in such bad weather knowing that you're sick and meeting my wife and myselfbased on your comments about your customer service in meeting you we are excited about renting from Suncoast Thank You Marvin

    Raymond P, tenant
    Tampa, FL

    Firefly thank you for showing this beautiful home to us very refreshing no pressure thank you Mr Stone

    Eleonara R, tenant
    Apollo Beach, FL

    PalmiraThank You Marvin for showing us the home we didn't have an appointment and you made yourself available thank you very much

    Jeff H, tenant
    Tampa, FL

    We were extremely pleased with Marvin Stone. He showed us 2 homes this morning and was very personable and helpful.

    Cheryl P, tenant
    Valrico, FL

    1003 meadow Lanethanks for coming out in bad weather in short notice thank you for being available you're very knowledgeable of the home and it was fun touring it with you thank you Mr Stone

    Patrick A, tenant
    Tampa, FL

    Sun Cove Realty is the best!!! Moving is less stressful with them. They make rental an easy task. I will recommend anyone whose looking a property management or looking forward to rent a property to give a try; you won't regret.

    Hugues M, tenant
    Tampa, FL

    I contacted Toby to schedule a showing for the house my husband and I were looking at, and he scheduled it within a day. he was very helpful while at the house with any questions I had, and wanted to make sure any of my concerns were addressed in the application process. very helpful, and hopeful that we will be moving into the home. I read the reviews from a few years ago, and it seems like they have only gotten better over time. I am hopeful for a wonderful experience.

    Bobby M, tenant
    Land O Lakes, FL

    Sun Cove Realty has managed my condo unit for over 10 years and I am very pleased with their management services. I live in another city and rely on the management company to keep me informed of all issues regarding the condo. Sun Cove Realty has let me know promptly of any needed maintenance and they have kept the condo rented.

    Gloria B, owner
    Tallahassee, FL

    Sun Cove Realty has been my property management firm for several years now and I couldn't be more pleased. Sun Cove conducts thorough background checks on potential renters and to date not one renter has been late with their monthly rent. Maintenance if needed is performed quickly. Invoices are provided at the end of the year. Phone calls and emails are promptly responded to.

    Arthur D, owner
    Tampa, FL

    Crown park thank you so much for showing this is beautiful home I appreciate your honesty no pressure and your knowledge thank you very much for showing this is home . Marvin

    Nia L, tenant
    Valrico, FL

    My husband and I recently toured a property with an agent and she was wonderful. She showed us the property we had called about and unfortunately they wouldn't allow dogs,.That was a deal breaker for us so I assumed she would send us on our way with luck and move on to the next customer but she did not. To our surprise she took the time to ask us what we were looking for and proceeded to tell us of a property that would meet pretty much all we were asking for. We followed her with excitement to the second location and fell in love. We wrote a check right there. I can say that the service was kind, attentive and dead on she didn't help us find a place to live but a home.

    Sherrie D, tenant
    Tampa, FL

    Looking for properties in Tampa can be challenging. So far from meeting and dealing with Toby; I feel very confident in Sun Cove Realty and that the homes they represent are well taken care of and have solid ownership, where you don't have to worry about foreclosures and having to move out etc.....because that happens around here. So my hats off to Toby, thank you for your willingness to help us find a great property with solid ownership in a timely manner! Look forward to conducting future business with Sun Cove and Toby

    TK B, tenant
    Tampa, FL

    Selkirk we appreciate you waiting for us coming in town from Miami that was very nice very knowledgeable and we appreciate the time that you gave us thank you Mr Stone

    Lucilc O, tenant
    Valrico, FL

    Selkirk very nice home I appreciate your honesty and knowledge of the home thank you very much for showing this home Mr. Stone

    Ariann S, tenant
    Tampa, FL

    I wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the service provided by sun cove realty and especially Marvin Stone this leasing agent was very professional showing us the house that we are interested and explaining the next steps we have to do to rent it we come from miami looking for new opportunities here in brandon and we are very happy with your help Thanks again

    lucila ortega, tenant
    brandon, FL

    Meadow Lanethank you for showing me to places this morning um I love the Meadow Lane and going to apply you're very knowledgeable and I appreciate you being patient and taking me to two places thank you Marvin

    Christopher J, tenant
    Brandon, FL

    Village Brookthank you for returning your call and making yourself available to show is this home that seems to be an industry problem thank you very much for your attention .Mr stone

    Paula C, tenant
    Riverview, FL

    Palmaira thank you for showing us such a nice house in a nice neighborhood the weather was horrible thank you for waiting for us Mr Stone

    Katie S, tenant
    Tampa, FL

    The realtor was on time and very helpful answering any and all questions we had about the home. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a realty compay

    Scott A, tenant
    Tampa, FL

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